Efesan Machining was founded in 1980s in Istanbul with the aim of producing parts for automotive industry. Moving its production that was founded in 4 Levent to its plant covering a space of 15.000 m2 in Gebze TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone in 2003; Efesan Machining gained the opportunity for a higher capacity of production and more room for technological developments.

Joining Efesan Group in 2010 through a partnership structure, all shares of Efesan Machining was acquired in 2014 so as to provide velocity and efficiency in investments and decision making processes.

Targeting to be a perfect solution partner to its customers; following a strategic decision taken in 2018, the production process of Efesan Machining continued with a focus on machining. With the synergy and newly created brand stemming from the mergence with Efesan Demir, Efesan Machining continues its quality oriented operations.

Producing the tooling, apparatus, and fixtures used during production by its own extensive equipment and experienced engineering power; Efesan Machining meets the qualified product needs of its customers who are all leaders in their own business spaces.