Our Quality Policy

The quality policy of Efesan Group is based on a high level of products and services, customer satisfaction, following up technology, training and team spirit, constant development, occupational health and environmental sensitivity. Our corporation applies this understanding of quality constantly and conscientiously in each and every product and service studies in the fields it operates.

Product and Service QualityThe major objective of all our units and employees is to make sure that all the products and services we offer in all the industries we operate are in conformity with national and global standarts and are safe.

Customer Satisfaction: Embracing that the term “customer” not only covers external customers, but also internal ones; providing high quality service in all the industries we operate in, and in developing and producing reliable products as an outcome of our long lasting research in order to overcompensate the needs and demands have been adopted by all our units and employees as a principle.

Employee Satisfaction: With the awareness that the real base for customer satisfaction is “employee satisfaction”; Efesan Group is supportive of all employees’ personal and occupational trainings and provides a peaceful working environment in which they can further develop their capabilities.

Keeping up with Technology: In order to keep our products and services in conformity with global standards, we follow all techonological developments and adapt this understanding into all of our units.

Training and Team Spirit: Team spirit and training is always a priority for us and we operate in unity and cooperation both in organizational and structural means.

Constant DevelopmentFollowing the necessities of the new era very closely; we continue to develop ourselves by renovating the corporate structure by adapting the service mentality and the production targets to the changing conditions and new technology.


Our Environmental Policy

World businesses, especially industrial corporations, are under the responsibility of eliminating the negative outcomes that may arise in terms of environment.

Efesan Group Companies are aware of this responsibility. Our corporation considers the precautions against environmental problems as one of its primary priorities and fulfills all its liabilities and principles.

These can be concatenated as per the below headings :

1. Conducting activities, which affects the environment, in accordance with the regulations and legislations in force.

Conformity with legal regulations is achieved by the active engagement of all Efesan Group employees. Changes in regulations and planning of the conformability of processes, activities, equipment and products in the future are all followed very closely. For that reason, we are conducting “Clean Production Technologies” -BAT-Best Available Techniques studies.

In addition to observing national environmental regulations and legislations, Efesan Group  conforms with EU Reach Code and United Nations Global Compact and also makes necessary notifications to sıppliers for their conforming as well.

2. Preventing environmental risks with a proactive approach.

Developing preventive approaches by identifying the risks focused on productivity through a proactive approach; Efesan Group Companies take necessary precautions to prevent any environmental risk that results from their activities.

3. Efficient use of our resources.

Efesan Group Companies prioritise the efficient use of resources and energy. Our corporation aspires to the reasonable use of natural resources, raw materials, auxiliary materials and energy and to save natural resources and to use them in the most efficient way possible. Efesan Group Companies work hard on decreasing waste in their resources as much as possible and recycling them.

4. Raising the awareness of our employees and suppliers from which we get products and services.

Our corporation is aware that environmental problems can be minimized by means of high level information and consciousness of societies. That’s why, we conduct studies to increase the environmental consciousness of our employees. Efesan Group Companies also consider their solution partners, suppliers, and customers as a part of the environment and raise environmental awareness to them too.

5. Planing for emergency situations and taking all possible precautions in terms of occupational health and safety.

In order to protect the safety of our lives and facilities in cases which may stem from dangers and potential risks; we conduct Occupational Health And Safety Management. Dangers and potential risks are predetermined and all necessary precautions are taken and any possible losses that may occur are minimized. Risk points are constantly revised in scrutiny within the context of technological developments and new investments to maintain continuity.

6. Preventing environmental pollution with the participation of all our employees, constant amelioration and improvement of Environment and Occupational Health And Safety Management and maintaining its continuity.

In the light of all above mentioned matters; Efesan Group continues its activities with the aim of leaving a viable environment to next generations.